Solang Valley Resorts on Manali offer great facilities and services

Manali being crowded with people from all parts of the world, round the year, becomes a place of second thought among those who want peace, want to enjoy the natural beauty and spend the great time in the lap of aesthetic beauty. No matter which hill station you look for in India, the best resorts are always booked, specially during kids summer vacations when the whole of India is travelling from here to there. Are you tired of searching for the Best Riverside Resort in Manali? Then its time to give solangvalleyresorts, a try as this place is the heaven on earth for luxury lovers. From location to services, food and amenities, you do not have to compromise with anything, hence it has become a favourite abode for the hundreds of travellers who come here to spend an amazing time of their life. Let’s know in detail, what differentiates this place from others:

Perfect view

The sceneries which you must have seen in films, or read in books, that’s the kind of view which Solang Valley Resorts Manali, bestows you with. The snow clad mountains during winters, the mystical sound of birds and waterfall, the green valleys to purify even your senses, the whispering winds talking to you every now and then, all of its adds upto a perfect view which you will never see no matter where.

Multi cuisine restaurants

When you are on a trip, of course good food counts. If you are in a mood to compromise with neither the stay nor the food, then Solang Valley becomes the best option for you. The multi cuisine restaurant, serves you with the dishes of your taste and preference. The open air Italian Restaurant by the riverside – Gazeebo is a perfect place to have the romantic candle light dinner. Are you already not feeling excited? Book your room at Solang Valley – The Best Riverside Resort in Manali.


Who said that in a resort you are bound to just relax? The best in class amenities at Solang – Children’s playing area, gym, indoor games, there are plenty of things to keep you occupied that you don’t feel like exploring full Manali also.

Hence, with booking your place in Solang Valley Resorts Manali, you not only get the advantage of stay but the surroundings too are pretty mesmerizing to keep to intrigued to this property for days together.

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